Small Animal Therapeutic Laser
Harmony Veterinary Hospital & Wellness Center
An "innovative" approach to your Pet's Health is an
       "integrative" approach to your Pet's Well Being.
Therapeutic Laser Therapy
Lasers have been utilized as a modality
of treating people and animals for
several years.  Basically, there are two
types of laser's being used.  The first
kind of a laser is one used in surgery.  
The surgical laser advantage is that it
is a less painful method of 'cutting'
tissue.  The second kind of laser, is a
Therapeutic Laser, one that is used to
'heal' tissue.

Therapeutic Laser Therapy (THL) has
many uses.  It is a tool that is being
used to help relief pain and swelling, as
a method of reducing local and systemic
anti-inflammatory mediators, as a
superior method of healing wounds or
injuries, as a stimulation of
acupuncture points without needles, and
as a solution to many persistent
dermatological disorders.  Finally
THL is also known to dramatically
reduces the healing time after surgery
as well as shorten recuperation times.
Treatment for Arthritis
Post-operative Treatment