Only 1 in 10,000 mares carry twins to
And only 1 % of those foals

On 5/31/05 a female cat and 4 of her male kittens were scheduled for a routine spay         
and neuter along with felv/fiv testing and routine vaccinations. We tested all four               
animals for felv/fiv and each one tested positive for  feline aids.   

The surgeries were cancelled as well as their vaccinations.  We spoke with the owner        
and did some client education relating to this disease and we dispensed the herbal           
formula; Wei Qi Booster to be given to each of these cats.  The owner was to                 
reschedule a return visit to our clinic in a couple months to retest.

On August 16 all four cats returned to our clinic, the owner reported she maintained them
on the Wei Qi Booster and they were eating well, playing and acting normal.  The kittens
were retested then for Felv/Fiv.   They all tested NEGATIVE for both Feline Leukemia and
Feline Aids.  We were thrilled to see that.  Unfortunately, the mother cat is still positive for
Feline Aids.  The little boys were castrated and vaccinated and the mother was spayed
as the owner did  not want to risk another litter of kittens.  Interestingly the three six
month old kittens sero-converted while sharing the same crate with the FIV positive
mother cat.   We sent them home with instructions for all cats to remain on Wei Qi
Booster,  separate the males from their mother.
The boys were to remain on Wei Qi Booster through their recovery from surgery, and
retest in two months.


Horse bugged by flies

I have a horse that literally hates flies, almost to the extent that he will do cartwheels,
somersaults and back hand springs to get one off his nose.  When ridden he constantly
tosses his head despite the comments from rider, "get over it, its just a fly"  You're a
horse, get used to it",  "chill out", "  stop being such a big sissy", . . . . .  

He has heat issues. Even on an average day with a low fly population he becomes
agitated.  One day out of frustration, I recalled a lecture in which Dr. Xie discussed Snake
of Dragon, an herbal formula  which can treat liver yin deficiency, and help  rid the body
of heat.  He then went on to tell us that it  helps  ear problems.   I have used this herbal
formula by itself to treat ear infections in dogs whose owners can not topically treat.

I decided to give Long Dan a try - my horse has been eating this herb for two weeks and
I'm delighted to report that he is a "changed man"--
95% Improved even in heat with the same environmental conditions.


This is a story about me . . .

A week ago I was feeling very irritable and cranky - liver chi stagnation
I felt like one of those Type A personalities that gets beat red under stress and overtime
dies of a heart attack.  At the same time my left ear hurt.  In western medicine people
would say that's what's wrong with her - she's cranky because she has an ear ache.

I began a regime of augmentum and ketek - After three days these medications did
absolutely nothing.  I increased the dose and saw a physician who looked in my ear and
said the tympanic membrane looked good.  I felt a little improved.  Antibiotics are cooling
but not cooling enough. So, my favorite little Chinese short man
, Dr. Xie came to mind
again and I tried Long Dan .  Within 2 days my ear problem vanished.
The Western
thought is that I was cranky because I was getting an ear infection.
In Eastern medicine, I was crabby and that caused the ear infection.
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