Veterinary Acupuncture is a science as well as a healing art. It is based on the ancient theories of
Traditional Chinese Medicine which views each animal as a unique energetic being, not just a
collection of signs and symptoms.  The purpose of Acupuncture is to stimulate, strengthen, and
harmonize the bodies ability to heal itself.

Never before has there been  such a variety of modalities in achieving "wellness" in our beloved
pets.  New technologies have brought the world closer together, allowing us to draw wisdom of the
ages from a variety of cultures around the world.  This has contributed to the awareness of the
different achievements as well as the limitations of Western Medicine.  Now more informed
consumers and health care providers are approaching Wellness for a more self reliant and holistic

The ever increasing knowledge, combined with the pending health care crisis in this country has
inspired an unprecedented interest in alternative and complementary therapies among individuals.  
People are seeking more "Natural" care for themselves as well as for their pets.

Our practice offers not only Western Medicine solely, or Eastern Medicine solely.  We are the
first practice on the forefront to offer an "integrative" approach to pet health.  We have the
ability to offer the best of both worlds combing Eastern and Western medicine.

Our Mission is to provide the latest state of the art veterinary medicine, and surgery available.
With our superior technology we also offer Integrative Medicine, incorporating Western and
Eastern modalities, allowing the fastest recuperation for the pet, decreasing pain, and decreasing
incapacitated time lost for the working animal.  Most importantly, we try to Prevent your pet from
getting sick, by keeping the patient in Harmony.

Yours truly,

Sue Skelding DVM, CVA, CVCH, CVT, CVFT
Alternative Veterinary Therapies
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An 'Innovative' approach to your Pet's Health,
is an 'Integrative' approach towards your Pet's Well-Being!
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